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Agreement to provide Payment Gateway
Muhammad Bilal
Company Name: Resource Oro
475 Abdul Haq Rd Johar Town Lahore Pakistan 54000 00923134001401

Scope of Operation
We are a third party service provider where we help US customers to avail special discounts from their providers and charge a consulting fee for the service. We work with Telecom, insurance and Credit Card customers.


Charges for valid usa bank echeck, deposit and card processing
30% of each transaction $1 to $4999 per month
27.5% of each transaction from $5000 to $9999 per month
25% of each transaction over $10000 per month
Portal will be set up for processing and reporting will be totally transparent



Weekly 7 Days Net 30
Period 1st to 7th payable on 30th of the next month

Period 8th to 14th payable on 14th of the next month

Period 16th to 21st payable 21st of the following month

Period 22nd to end of month payable 30th of the following month

No scam or fake transactions.  Any transactions deemed as fake or scam will result in all funds being held for investigation for an indeterminate time.
Charge backs will be debited from the payout due as well as any fees associated.
If there are insufficient funds in the account in the event of charge back the client is responsible to make good any shortfall by payment within 7 days of notification.`

Complete customer details must be provided (the cardholder)
full name
cell number
email address






    October 25, 2021


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